This electromechanical manufacturing company came to DEVAR Inc. seeking the best quality loop-powered indicator for use in their choke actuator, to display the numerical value of valve position. They chose our LD-LPI indicator which has a built-in calibrator, large digits, ±0.1% accuracy, 2-wire operation, engineering unit readout, and other desirable features for which our loop indicators are known. Like all of our products, the LD-LPI loop powered indicator is expertly made and competitively priced, and we were able to deliver it promptly to this client in Alberta, Canada, making them a satisfied, loyal customer since 2007.

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LD-LPI Loop Powered Indicator Project Highlights

Product Description

This electromechanical manufacturing company utilized our LD-LPI loop powered indicator within their choke actuator to display the numerical value of valve position. Since 2007 this company has purchased and installed over 1,850 LD-LPS’s.

Components Utilized

LD-LPI Loop Powered Indicator

  • 2-wire operation
  • Low 1 volt drop
  • Large 1 Inch high digits
  • Engineering Unit Readout
  • Built-In Calibrator
  • Optional 24 VDC Transmitter Power Supply
  • ±0.1% Accuracy
  • NEMA 4X Rated Enclosure
Overall Dimensions

Width: 5.51″
Height 3.15″

Depth 2.62″

Industry for Use

Electromechanical Manufacturing

Delivery Location

Alberta, Canada

Standards Met

Customer supplied Specifications

Product Name

LD-LPI Loop Powered Indicator