8100-2 Smart
One of the leading American companies in the aerospace industry, responsible for building some of the world’s most advanced aircrafts, came to DEVAR Inc. to purchase our 8100-2 Smart Chart for use in the manufacture of their helicopters. For this particular customer, we included such features as two inputs, an LCD temperature and humidity display, a log to store data for future readings, high/low alarms, 8-digit totalization, 32,000 readings per channel, security lockout, a portable memory card, and much more. Following successful installation of the product, we have provided follow-up servicing, recalibration, and certification.

While we are able to customize products to suit customers’ specific needs, one of our greatest strengths is that all of our products can be used in a wide range of industries, applications, and functions. This diversity, combined with our outstanding reputation for quality and customer service, and our fully stocked facilities, means customers always get what they need at the best possible price. This particular client has since purchased over 35 more 8100-2’s for their high-tech helicopters.

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8100-2 Smart Chart Project Highlights

Product Description

Our 8100-2 Smart Chart is utilized by the aerospace industry for the manufacturing of helicopter main rotor blades. This client has more than 35 8100-2’s installed at their manufacturing facility.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Units Are Returned to Us for Service after 1 Year of Use
  • Re-Calibration and Certification are Completed
Components Utilized

8100 Smart Chart

  • 2 Inputs (For this Application)
    • 1 For Temperature
    • 1 for Relative Humidity
  • Displays The Temperature & Humidity on LCD Display (For this Application)
  • Logs This Info In Its Internal RAM For Future Access
  • Data Can Be Downloaded to Laptop or PC for Trend Analysis
  • 0.1% Electronic Recorder
  • High/Low Alarms
  • Portable or Panel Mount
  • 8-Digit Totalization
  • 32,000 Readings Per Channel
  • Battery or AC Operation
  • Variable Recording Interval
  • 24 VDC Power Supply For External Transmitters
  • 8 Channels of Isolated Input
  • Portable Memory Card
  • Security lockout
  • Recording interval: 0.25 sec. to 1 hour
  • 12 bit resolution
  • 4 digit LCD data readout
  • Graphical data readout
  • Computer interface
  • Input types: thermocouple, RTD, strain gauge, mV, mA, AC or DC voltage or current, pH, frequency
Overall Dimensions

Width: 9.8″
Height: 6.3″

Depth: 12.5″

Industry for Use


Delivery Location

Stratford, Connecticut

Standards Met

Customer Supplied Specifications

Product Name

8100-2 Smart Chart